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Linear Composites is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high performance, reinforced plastic composites. The Company's products are used in the civil engineering, marine, transport, mining and military sectors and are used in over 50 countries across every continent.


The manufacture and sale of textile reinforced plastic composite materials was first established by Imperial Chemical Industries (I.C.I.). The production and marketing of these materials was undertaken by Linear Composites Ltd, founded in 1969 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of I.C.I.

I.C.I.’s experience in synthetic fibres and thermoplastics spans more than 40 years. The company was responsible for the development of TERYLENE, the world’s first polyester fibre and ALKATHENE, the world’s first polyethylene thermoplastic.

The first product to be fully developed was PARAFIL®. A year later, PARAWEB® was introduced and further new products have since been launched in the constant search for growth and diversification.

Synthetic fibres and thermoplastic materials are used to fabricate a wide range of Linear Composites products which are offered for sale on a worldwide basis.

In 2006 the worldwide industrial group Maccaferri Spa of Bologna, Italy acquired Linear Composites Ltd and in 2007, strengthened its position in the Geosynthetic market by further investing in Paraweb and Paralink production in a purpose built facility in Pune, India.

High performance composites

The basic technology of Linear Composites is the extrusion of polymeric materials around high tenacity polyester or aramid textile cores. The resulting composite products are either circular in cross section (PARAFIL®) or of a flat webbing configuration (PARAWEB®). The textile type and content determines the physical characteristics of the products in terms of tensile strength, extension and modulus.

The polymeric sheath provides a physical and chemical barrier to external environments which pose a threat to product performance and durability. Core and sheath materials are chosen to suit specific customer requirements.

On specially designed equipment, PARAFIL® and PARAWEB® are also converted into two dimensional “mats” for a number of specialist applications.

These products can be engineered to suit individual customer’s particular requirements.
Major trademarks are well known internationally and include PARAFIL®, PARAWEB®, PARAGRID®, PARALINK®, PARADRAIN®, PARARIB®, PARALOOP® and PARAFENCE.

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A number of our products have been used successfully in a variety of applications for over 30 years and the experience gained gives confidence for continued diversification.

Our products are supported by the highest Quality (ISO 9001:2008) and Health and Safety Standards (BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007).

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