300 Tonne Rock Restrained by Parafil® Kevlar® Tendons

APRIL 2015

Work is now complete to restrain an unstable rock that was left perched above a trunk road following a landslide.

Parafil ropes were used to restrain the rock which was too expensive and dangerous to remove from the slope.

Read the full story in the new case history by clicking here.

The full article is also available in the print copy of GE Magazine and online at the GE Plus website.

For enquiries on Parafil and other Linear Composites products please email us using this link.
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Linear Composites Ltd is pleased to announce the publication of a new PARAFENCE™ case study. The case study focuses on the use of PARAFENCE™ at the Rathfinney Vineyard in Alfriston, East Sussex, England.

In this application PARAFENCE™ acts as a windbreak to protect juvenile grape vines from cold sea breezes which travel down the valley. PARAFENCE™ acts to reduce the wind speed to which the juvenile grapes are exposed to and thus reduces the effect of the cold sea breezes, this is expected to increase crop yields over the coming years.

In total this installation consists of 3.2 linear kilometres of PARAFENCE™ installed over an areas of 12,800 square metres.

PARAFENCE™ is supplied to the global market and has been installed in large scale windbreak projects including the Coquelles Channel Tunnel Terminals and The Narbonne Sports Stadium. Other applications for PARAFENCE™ include horticultural shade halls and snow and particulate control fence systems.

Linear Composites Ltd specialises in the design and installation of the PARAFENCE™ windbreak system, for 'routine' and bespoke applications. If you are working on a project in which PARAFENCE™ could be of use please contact our design team by clicking this link.
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Long Term ParaFence™ Case Study


Linear Composites is pleased to announce the publication of an long term case study for PARAFENCE™ supplied to the Channel Tunnel project in 1992. A single panel of fence was replaced recently during works on third party infrastructure. This gave the chance the perform physical testing on a PARAFENCE™ panel that had been in constant service for over 20 years.

The case study in question features the original supply and installation of the PARAFENCE windbreak system between the platforms of the vehicle loading terminal. The replacement works allowed the opportinity for a in-situ condition assessment of the fence followed by physical testing. The testing showed that despite being under constant load for over 20 years, the fence material had undergone no loss in performance when compared to quality control tests done on the original material when it left the factor nearly a quarter of a century before.

PARAFENCE is supplied to the global market and has been installed in large scale windbreak projects including the Folkestone, Coquelles, and Calais Channel Tunnel Terminals and The Narbonne Sports Stadium.

Linear Composites Ltd specialises in the design and installation of the PARAFENCE windbreak system, for 'routine' and bespoke applications. If you are working on a project in which PARAFENCE could be of use please contact our design team by clicking this link.
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ParaFil® Termination Training

April 2014

Linear Composites has launched a new practical training course which demonstrates the correct technique for the termination of ParaFil® rope. The termination method is tried and tested and has delivered solutions to industry for over 40 years.

Terminated ParaFil® boasts the longest continual rope creep tests on record (38 years and counting) so you can be sure that ParaFil® will last the distance. Click here for more details.

The course, designed in conjunction with an established customer, will ensure that experienced riggers are fully competent with the procedure for the termination of ParaFil® rope. The training includes a practical demonstration of the Linear Composites recommended method for termination, talking through each of the necessary stages. Attendees will be observed doing a practical termination to discover gaps within their individual techniques. The training course will help to identify shortcomings and improve the quality and consistency of the termination method. Any problems can then be rectified without compromising on the quality and reliability of the terminated rope.

Training can be carried out at our manufacturing facility or on your own premises, tailored to suit your company’s needs.

If you think ParaFil termination training could benefit your business and would like a bespoke quotation please contact us.

{img src="media/news_story_9_parafil_training2.jpg" alt=""/}

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New Appointment - Introducing Dr Dave Cheer

February 2014

Linear Composites is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Dave Cheer as Technical Developments Manager. Dave has worked within the Maccaferri organisation for over 7 years, he specialises in Engineering and Geology and has come to Linear Composites from a global role in rockfall protection systems. Dave has a PhD in Structural Geology and through his wide ranging work within the civil and engineering sectors has valuable experience of both the design and installation of geosynthetics and other engineering products. Dave will be leading the Linear Composites development team, focusing on the development of the PARAFENCEand PARAFIL<sup>®</sup> ranges along with various other new projects.

If you have a project that Dave may be able to help with please email him by clicking this link.

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MAY 2011

PARARIB is used globally as a tunnel containment system in shaft coal mines. Minova – Weldgrip have distributed PARARIB for a number of years to complement their specialised roof-bolting tunnel support system.

Minova – Weldgrip’s roof-bolting system provides tunnel reinforcement while PARARIB acts to restrain any loose/falling debris, preventing serious injury to personnel and damage to valuable equipment.

{img src="media/news_story7_image2.jpg" alt=""/}

The flame retardant nature of PARARIB along within its high strength and modulus, low weight, and high degree of flexibility make it an excellent tunnel containment system; which is easily installed, even in the most testing conditions.

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New Case Study! - Muscat Express Way

January 2011

In 2006 VSL Middle East were awarded the tender to construct 108,000 m2 of MSE retaining wall on the Muscat Southern Expressway. The Muscat Expressway was completed in mid 2010 and is a divided dual carriageway which runs parallel to the Sultan Qaboos Highway. The total length of the main highway is 53km with an additional 112km of cross roads and service roads.

VSL Middle East’s design Engineers determined that the optimum solution was to build the MSE retaining wall using the VSoL® Polymeric Walls System; PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> and PARALOOP<sup>®</sup> are integral components within this system. 30, 50 and 70kN PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> strips were used as the reinforcement material while 70kN PARALOOPs were cast in to the concrete facing panels as an anchorage system.

{img src="media/news_story_6_image2.jpg" alt=""/}

PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> and PARALOOPs were chosen by VSL Middle East for these applications due to the combination of their excellent physical properties, high durability and high resistance to environmental and chemical attack.

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Indian Factory Completed

December 2010

Due to increasing global demand for the unique, high-quality PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> and PARALINK<sup>®</sup> soil reinforcement products, Linear Composites Ltd has completed the commissioning of a state-of-the art production facility in Pune, India. This complements the existing facilities in Yorkshire, UK. The new facility Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd (MESPL) has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard and doubles the available manufacturing capacity of these ranges of products for Linear Composites Ltd.

Commercial Director, Steve Miller said “This brand new facility allows us to be more responsive to the demands of the global market through increased capacity and reduced shipping times. In this era of austerity, we seem to be bucking the trend by selling more of a high quality product, rather than the opposite.”

{img src="media/news_india.jpg" alt=""/}

PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> and PARALINK<sup>®</sup> are high performance products for soil reinforcement applications. Featuring polyester strength elements, sheathed in a robust polyethylene sheath, the products offer the best long term design strength reduction factors in the marketplace today. Steve Miller adds: “No other geogrid comes close to this performance. PARAWEB<sup>®</sup>was first used in Department of Transport projects in 1977. This is a long pedigree and customers are confident of the quality of our products in their demanding projects, particularly major infrastructure and mining works where the high loads and aggressive conditions require high performance sheathed geogrids, rather than the lighter-weight woven or extruded grids.”

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Quality and Safety Update

December 2010

It has been another great year for Linear Composites Ltd’s Quality and Safety Management Systems. In 2010 we managed a successful transition of both our Quality Management System from ISO 9001:2000 edition, to the recently revised ISO 9001:2008 edition and the successful transition of our Safety Management System from BS OHSAS 18001 to the new BS OHSAS 18001:2007 edition.

Quality and Safety Representative Chris Kirby stated “We are delighted that our BS OHSAS 18001 certification has been renewed following the three day surveillance visit. BS OHSAS certification is very important to Linear Composites Ltd, it indicates just how serious we take the health and safety of our employees. Our BS OHSAS compliant Safety System allows us to follow procedures which go above and beyond what is required within health and safety legislation, thus fulfilling what we consider to be our corporate social responsibility to ensure that we maintain a HEALTHY and SAFE working environment."

During the coming year Linear Composites Ltd will continue to invest both time and effort into both our Quality and our Safety Management Systems. In the spirit of the ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 standards we aspire to continually improve our systems to ensure that our commitment to both safety and quality is maintained at the highest level, consistent with legal and certification requirements. Continual improvement allows us to meet the requirements of both old and new customers in a constantly changing market.

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BBA Approval of PARAWEB<sup>®</sup>

December 2010

PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> has recently become our latest product to achieve British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval. BBA approval certificate No. 09/R146 relates to the use of PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> STRAPS FOR REINFORCED SOIL RETAINING WALLS AND BRIDGE ABUTMENTS.

The British Board of Agrément is Britain’s foremost certification body for the approval of construction products, systems and installers within the civil engineering and construction industries. BBA is a UKAS accredited certification body.

{img src="media/product_panel_paraweb4.jpg" alt="BBA approves Paraweb"/}

The BBA approval certificate for PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> includes technical detail relating to; compliance with Highways Agency requirements, factors relating to compliance with Regulations, design safety factors, PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> fill interaction, installation guidance and notes, and independently verified short-term and long-term tensile and extension characteristics. The technical data within this BBA certificate allows design engineers to gain a good understanding of both the long-term and short-term physical properties of PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> Mechanically Stabilised Earth Systems.

Business Development Director Tim Balderson commented “The BBA approval of PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> allows us to supply PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> directly in to the UK market for use in reinforced wall and bridge systems. The long term tensile strength and creep stress behaviour properties, detailed within the certificate allow design engineers to accurately model the long term behaviour of PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> systems. This allows engineers to be confident when using PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> in reinforced wall and bridge abutment applications where long design life is a pre-requisite.”

Alongside PARAWEB<sup>®</sup> Linear Composites Ltd also manufacture PARAGRID<sup>®</sup> and PARALINK<sup>®</sup> geogrids, which are also BBA certified materials. The certificate numbers for these products are 98/R098 and 03/4065 respectively. For copies of the PARAWEB<sup>®</sup>, PARAGRID<sup>®</sup> or PARALINK<sup>®</sup> BBA certificates please click here and complete the information request form.

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Welcome to Our New Website

December 2010

Linear Composites Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of its new, dynamic website, developed in conjunction with Bower Parnham Stewart.

Key features of our new website include more detailed product and application information, a wide variety of freely available case studies and a new secure login area where users can register to receive product technical data and other relevant information.

{img src="media/web_secure2.jpg" alt=""/}
We hope you enjoy this new user experience and if you have any comments that you think might further improve our website, please contact us at

Best regards,

The team at Linear Composites Ltd

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PARAFIL® types F and G stand the test of time

November 2010

34 years ago Linear Composites Ltd erected an external test rig and suspended PARAFIL<sup>®</sup> type F 3 tonne (NBL) ropes under constant loads of 1200kg (40% NBL). From this point until present we have periodically measured the creep strain of the ropes in conjunction with the Industrial Fibre department at DuPont®.

Over the period of this test the creep strain characteristics of PARAFIL<sup>®</sup> type F and G ropes surpassed all expectations. The measured creep over the duration of the test is 0.23%, this works out at a strain rate of 0.035% per decade. Assuming that the PARAFIL<sup>®</sup> ropes continue to creep at the same rate we have calculated that the ropes will not fail for another 992 years.

{img src="media/news_parafil_test.jpg" alt=""/}

Long term creep tests in their nature are inconvenient, spanning decades! In the rope industry it is standard to model creep behaviour on the results of accelerated age testing. Long term creep models give a reasonable understanding of creep strain behaviour but are only an approximation and are no substitute for actual test data. Our test results prove the long term performance of PARAFIL®, giving design engineer’s confidence when selecting PARAFIL<sup>®</sup>ropes for projects with a long design life.

It is our understanding that this is the world’s longest continual rope test.

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