New Case Study! - Muscat Express Way

January 2011

In 2006 VSL Middle East were awarded the tender to construct 108,000 m2 of MSE retaining wall on the Muscat Southern Expressway. The Muscat Expressway was completed in mid 2010 and is a divided dual carriageway which runs parallel to the Sultan Qaboos Highway. The total length of the main highway is 53km with an additional 112km of cross roads and service roads.

VSL Middle East’s design Engineers determined that the optimum solution was to build the MSE retaining wall using the VSoL® Polymeric Walls System; PARAWEB® and PARALOOP® are integral components within this system. 30, 50 and 70kN PARAWEB® strips were used as the reinforcement material while 70kN PARALOOPs were cast in to the concrete facing panels as an anchorage system.

PARAWEB® and PARALOOPs were chosen by VSL Middle East for these applications due to the combination of their excellent physical properties, high durability and high resistance to environmental and chemical attack.

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