Long Term ParaFence™ Case Study


Linear Composites is pleased to announce the publication of an long term case study for PARAFENCE™ supplied to the Channel Tunnel project in 1992. A single panel of fence was replaced recently during works on third party infrastructure. This gave the chance the perform physical testing on a PARAFENCE™ panel that had been in constant service for over 20 years.

The case study in question features the original supply and installation of the PARAFENCE windbreak system between the platforms of the vehicle loading terminal. The replacement works allowed the opportinity for a in-situ condition assessment of the fence followed by physical testing. The testing showed that despite being under constant load for over 20 years, the fence material had undergone no loss in performance when compared to quality control tests done on the original material when it left the factor nearly a quarter of a century before.

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PARAFENCE is supplied to the global market and has been installed in large scale windbreak projects including the Folkestone, Coquelles, and Calais Channel Tunnel Terminals and The Narbonne Sports Stadium.

Linear Composites Ltd specialises in the design and installation of the PARAFENCE windbreak system, for 'routine' and bespoke applications. If you are working on a project in which PARAFENCE could be of use please contact our design team by clicking this link.
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