Linear Composites Ltd is pleased to announce the publication of a new PARAFENCE™ case study. The case study focuses on the use of PARAFENCE™ at the Rathfinney Vineyard in Alfriston, East Sussex, England.

In this application PARAFENCE™ acts as a windbreak to protect juvenile grape vines from cold sea breezes which travel down the valley. PARAFENCE™ acts to reduce the wind speed to which the juvenile grapes are exposed to and thus reduces the effect of the cold sea breezes, this is expected to increase crop yields over the coming years.

In total this installation consists of 3.2 linear kilometres of PARAFENCE™ installed over an areas of 12,800 square metres.

To read more of the Rathfinney Vineyard case study please click here

PARAFENCE™ is supplied to the global market and has been installed in large scale windbreak projects including the Coquelles Channel Tunnel Terminals and The Narbonne Sports Stadium. Other applications for PARAFENCE™ include horticultural shade halls and snow and particulate control fence systems.

Linear Composites Ltd specialises in the design and installation of the PARAFENCE™ windbreak system, for 'routine' and bespoke applications. If you are working on a project in which PARAFENCE™ could be of use please contact our design team by clicking this link.
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