• Standard tensile strength
    up to 135 kN

  • High modulus

  • Tough, durable polyethylene

  • Low creep characteristics

  • Easy to install

  • Highly resistant to chemicals,
    micro-organisms, UV radiation
    and mechanical damage


PARAWEB® consists of high strength synthetic fibres encased in a tough, durable polymeric sheath.

PARAWEB® Ultra High Strength Synthetic Webbing

Tough, durable, chemical and UV resistant, for use in mining, agriculture, reinforcing soil slope structures and heavy lifting strapping

PARAWEB® consists of discrete bundles of closely packed high strength synthetic fibres, lying parallel to each other, encased in a tough and durable polymeric sheath. This parallel fibre structure and tough polymeric sheath ensures a combination of outstanding properties. PARAWEB® is the original high strength synthetic webbing developed in the early 1970’s.

There are several standard types of PARAWEB® based on the type of fibre used, and the width of webbing required. For most applications the versatility of PARAWEB® enables specific PARAWEB® products to be tailor made to provide the optimum solution. PARAWEB® has been used for many years in vertical MSE wall reinforcement as an ideal synthetic alternative to steel strips, due to its chemical stability and its low creep characteristics.

Applications include: civil engineering and soil reinforcement (PARAWEB®, PARAGRID®, PARADRAIN® and PARALINK®), cargo/lifting slings, sub-sea securing loops (PARALOOPS®), windbreak fencing (PARAFENCE™) and underground mining grids (PARARIB®).

Examples from PARAWEB® range

Tensile Strength (kN)
Extension at Break (%)
Width (mm)
High Tenacity Polyester
1 to 135
9 - 12.5
23 - 92
Standard Modulus Aramid
1 to 100
2.5 - 3
23 - 92
High Modulus Aramid
1 to 100
1.5 - 2
23 - 92

Specially formulated polyethylene sheaths are normally used, but for some applications specialist co-polymers can be utilised including polyester elastomers and a flame retardant polymer. PARAWEB® can be manufactured to higher strengths where necessary.

Standard grades of PARAWEB® are covered by BBA certificate 12/H191.

The full technical properties and performance parameters are detailed in separate data sheets, which are available to download in the secure login area.

PARAWEB® applications

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