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Rapid Transit Systems
PARAFIL® has been used in many locations around the world to support overhead conductive cables for tram electrification.

The high strength to weight ratio of PARAFIL® along with low extension, good tension – tension fatigue life, high electrical impedance, low creep properties and thermal stability make it an ideal material for this application. PARAFIL® is also highly resistant to chemical and biological attack so once installed PARAFIL® is virtually maintenance free.

PARAFIL® has been used as the material of choice to support Urban Transport Systems in the following locations; Alger, Athens, Bilbao, Brussels, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Folkestone (Euro tunnel terminal), Geneva, Jerusalem, Liepaja, Lisbon, Liverpool, Lyon, Hong Kong, Madrid, Manchester, Marseilles, Melbourne, Nice, Odessa, Ohio, Oslo, Porto, Prague, Riga, Rome, Sheffield, Tenerife, Toronto, Turin, Valencia, Zurich and many more.

PARAFENCE™ windbreaks can protect vehicles and infrastructure from dangerous high winds.

Windbreaks act to locally reduce wind speed and turbulence preventing damage and providing screening. PARAFENCE windbreaks are used to provide unobtrusive screening for both roads and railways.

PARAFENCE is used at both the English and French ends of the Channel Tunnel to ensure wind reduction and screening. In other parts of the world – especially Japan – it has been used to provide wind reduction on open stretches of highway and rail track. It has also been used to provide wind protection on bridges.

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