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Steep Slope & Soil Structure Reinforcement

PARALINK® in Reinforcement and Support Soil Structures

The high tensile strength and modulus of BBA approved PARALINK® make it an ideal material for reinforcement of soft soils and areas prone to subsidence. PARALINK® is highly resistant to environmental and chemical attack and is stable over a wide range of working temperatures. Consequently PARALINK® is suitable for applications where a long design life is critical.

PARAGRID® in Soil Reinforcement and Structures

BBA approved PARAGRID® has been used as a reinforcement material for the fills of steep slopes for over 30 years. PARAGRID® has a high tensile strength and low extension at break. These properties are combined with excellent resistance to environmental, chemical and UV attack along with thermal stability, making PARAGRID® an excellent choice of material for the reinforcement and support of soil structures.

PARADRAIN® in Soil Reinforcement and Structures

The unique drainage capabilities of PARADRAIN® combined with its high tensile strength enables PARADRAIN® to be used as a reinforcement material alongside marginal fills which are characterised by poor drainage capabilities.

The positive drainage paths of PARADRAIN® quickly dissipate excess water pressures and have the additional benefit of accelerating plant growth on the slope face, minimising the visual impact of structures. PARADRAIN® is typically used for the reinforcement of steep fill slopes.

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