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Sub Sea

PARALOOP®: Subsea Applications

PARALOOP® straps have a high tensile strength and modulus, desirable creep characteristics, thermal stability over a wide range of working temperatures and are resistant to environmental and chemical attack. Alongside these properties PARALOOP® straps have a tough polymeric sheath which makes them abrasion resistant. The combination of these physical properties result in a neutrally buoyant product with a long design life which is ideal for buoyancy modules, piggy backing systems, anchorage and strapping systems.

Strapping for Buoyancy and Thermal Insulation Modules

PARALOOP® straps are used to fasten buoyancy modules on to flexible risers. When pipelines require thermal insulation covers PARALOOP® straps area used to permanently secure them.

underwater piggy-backing straps

Piggy-Backing Straps

PARALOOPS are used to strap parallel pipes together allowing an efficient, combined pipelaying operation. This quick and easy method reduces installation costs and saves time. PARALOOPS have also been used to secure monitoring equipment to pipelines in a similar manner to the combined pipelaying operation described above.

Paraloop srtapping used for anchorage

PARALOOP Used For Anchorage

PARALOOPS are used to anchor pipes to the seabed or subsea structures. The non-corrosive and abrasion resistant nature of PARALOOPS makes them an ideal material for permanent anchorage applications.

Paraloop underwater strapping

Multiple Fixing Bundle Clamp Straps

In applications where in-situ welding is not permitted or where non-inductive restrainers are required PARALOOPS are used as bundle clamp fixing straps. As with anchorage PARALOOP® bundle clamp straps can be used to anchor pipes to the seabed or subsea structures.

PARAFIL®: Subsea Applications

The corrosion resistant nature of PARAFIL® makes it an excellent choice of material for securing subsea structures. PARAFIL®has a high tensile strength and modulus along with desirable creep characteristics, high energy absorption and damping, good tension – tension fatigue life and thermal stability over a wide range of working temperatures.

Alongside PARAFIL® Linear Composites Ltd supply a wide range of specially designed termination fittings which allow PARAFIL® to be secured to almost any subsea structure. No system is too complex for PARAFIL®.

Subsea Arch Systems

Riser arches are used to provide a buoyant force to subsea pipelines which would otherwise fail under their own weight. PARAFIL® is used to moor the buoyant arch to the seabed or subsea structure. The high strength, durability, low creep and resistance to corrosion make PARAFIL® an ideal material for this application. Advantages of using PARAFIL® over chain or steel wire include; neutral buoyancy, higher tenacity, lower weight and better durability.

sub-sea arch riser


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