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PARAFENCE™ - Windbreaks in Sport

Wind can interfere with many sports and for this reason, PARAFENCE™ windbreaks have been installed in sports arenas to ensure that wind speeds are held at an acceptable level.

The athletics stadium at Narbonne in France is an example of a purpose-designed structural windbreak system utilising PARAFENCE™. In this instance the aim was to provide wind shielding to the ‘open end’ of the stadium, ensuring that wind speeds would not affect athletic performance.

The system can, however, be used in a simpler form to provide wind reduction and protection on much smaller scale sports projects such as badminton and tennis courts.

The advent of modular sports courts has created a new application for PARAFENCE™. These lightweight structures can be very vulnerable to wind damage. Permanent or temporary PARAFENCE™ windbreaks provide the optimum level of protection required for these structures.

PARAFENCE™ - Windbreaks in Industry

PARAFENCE™ is used widely across a variety of industrial sites to provide protection to potentially vulnerable structures and to effectively reduce ‘particle movement’.

Many major industrial facilities, such as fuel and chemical plants, are located in areas –particularly by rivers or the sea – where high winds are a feature of the local climate. Large structures, pipelines and machinery are often susceptible to damage from the wind or by wind-borne debris. The implementation of a PARAFENCE™ windbreak effectively reduces wind speed and consequently reduces the occurrence of costly damage.

PARAFENCE™ is also increasingly used in industries where wind-blown particles can create either neighbourhood or environmental problems – particularly in mining and quarrying. In these cases the installation of a PARAFENCE™ system offers dual advantages – it provides an effective defence against wind entering the facility whilst, at the same time, preventing small particles from being blown out of the facility.

PARAFENCE™ Windbreaks Offshore Applications

The high strength, durability and resistance to both fresh and sea water make PARAFENCE™ an ideal windbreak system for use in offshore applications. PARAFENCE™ wind break systems are used on several oil rigs.


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