• Unaffected by salt water

  • Maintenance-free

  • Does not corrode or rot

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • Light weight and flexible

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Low elongation

  • Almost neutrally buoyant in sea water

  • For temperatures between -100ºC to +80ºC

PARALOOP® consists of discrete channels of high tenacity synthetic fibres in a tough and durable polymeric sheath. This combination produces an easy to use fastening of immense strength and ultra-reliable performance over a long service life.

PARALOOP® Synthetic Strapping

Lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, temperature tollerant, strapping, designed for heavy lifting in everyday and extreme conditions

PARALOOP® straps have been used successfully in a wide range of applications all over the world for more than 40 years. Linear Composites Ltd are the pioneers of synthetic strapping solutions.

Heavy Lifting Synthetic Straps and Underwater, Sub-sea Strapping

PARALOOP® straps are highly resistant to seawater and have low elongation at working loads. Strong, tough, durable and flexible, they have outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance. PARALOOP® straps are manufactured from PARAWEB® webbing; synthetic fibres inside a polymeric sheath.

Aramid fibres are typically used to give a higher modulus. The polymeric sheath is usually an EVA co-polymer, which is more flexible and stress-crack resistant, or a polyester elastomer if higher resistance to heat and abrasion is required.

PARALOOP® straps are made to suit specific customer requirements. Variations in strength, width, physical properties and durability can all be met. Combinations of fibre and sheath types can be varied to ensure PARALOOP® straps meet individual project specifications.

Dimensions for heavy lifting straps

PARALOOP® straps are manufactured from PARAWEB® webbing. PARAWEB® consists of discrete channels of parallel high strength fibres encased in a polymeric outer sheath.
PARALOOP® straps are produced by bonding layers of PARAWEB® webbing together to form a continuous loop.

Standard PARALOOP® range

Internal Circumferences (mm)
Width (mm) (+/-5%)
Tensile Strength (kN)
Young's Modulus (kNmm2)
Standard Modulus Aramid and EVA Polymer Sheathing
500 - 40,000
25 - 90
10 - 300
High Modulus Aramid and EVA Polymer Sheathing
500 - 40,000
25 - 90
10 - 250

1. Other Fibres and Polymer Sheathings are available to suit the In-Service Application as required. Supplied with Test Certificate on request.

Supplied with Test Certificate on request. Technical Data and specific property details are available to download in the secure login area.

PARALOOP® applications

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